Bad skin cleared in 2 weeks


Nicky had a bright future ahead of him as an actor, but was plagued with skin problems. He had had spots since he was a teenager and had tried every treatment available to clear his skin and fulfill his dreams.
A friend recommended that he try the 4D Well-Being Centre, as they had a different approach to treating skin problems – not just focusing on the skin, but incorporating stress management and body harmonizing with skin treatment to offer a truly holistic solution.
Nicky thought this whole body approach made a lot of sense, and he gave it a try. Just two weeks later he was delighted and amazed at the difference the treatment had made to his skin.
Before undergoing the treatment, a professional cosmetologist analyzed Nicky's skin for humidity, elasticity, oil levels and temperature using the "Skin Testing Machine".
A three-pronged approach was used to clear Nicky's pimples.
Firstly, hi-tech equipment was used to clean, sterilize and exfoliate. Then the very best photo-therapy equipment was used on the problem areas.
Secondly, Nicky was advised to take special herbal capsules to harmonize the body and discharge toxins.
And finally, since stress is often a big factor in spotty skin, the therapist used 4D Vibro Sound to relax Nicky and improve his state of mind.
After 2 to 6 weeks treatment, the skin had recovered. Now, smooth-skinned and stress-free, Nicky is full of confidence. We wish him every success in his acting career.