BIO-jet rejuvenating facial
The benefits of the BIO-JET can last for months giving smoother, firmer younger looking glowing skin. It is excellent for treating scar tissue, wrinkles and pigmentation problems and will unlock a new lease of life in your skin.

Bring skin back to life with BIO JET
With visible effects after just one treatment, it is easy to see why an BIO-JET treatment. The traditional BIO-jet treatment has been taken one step further to create the ultimate oxygenating treatment to revive face, décolleté and hands. Help combat the negative effects of harsh environmental aggressors and inject a new lease of life into a flagging complexion with this rejuvenating treat for skin.

The face, décolleté  are cleansed using BIO-JET products followed by a light microdemabrasion of the upper layer of the epidermis. BIO-JET products are then applied across the skin’s surface and the BIO-JET pressure system then helps push the anti free-radical vitamins into the skin, 4 – 5 layers deep into the skin’s cells. Oxy fluid is then sprayed onto the skin and a collagen face mask is then applied to calm the skin’s surface. Finally an aroma oxygen mask is put on to breathe through.

How does it work?
The treatment uses a combination of microdemabrasion, oxygen and vitamins to help regenerate skin whilst improving circulation. The BIO-jet pressure system helps the STEM CELLS, GROWTH FACTORS, vitamins A, C, E & D and soya hormone be pushed into the biomaitrix and basal layer where the re-generation of the cells takes place. Combined with the Oxy fluid sprayed onto the skin, this will improve blood circulation whilst the aroma oxygen mask allows the skin to breathe and gets to work increasing metabolic performance.
What are the results?
For best results and for a lasting improvement to the regeneration of skin cells, a course of 5 treatments are recommended once a week but results can be seen after one treatment. Noticeable results can last for two-three months with recommended BIO-JET  home care treatments and also stay topped up with a treatment once a MONTH.