Low Level Laser Therapy

Treatment for Thinning Hair and Balding  12 month Package

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, two out of three men, and over 25 million women suffer from some form of thinning hair or balding.

4D Well-Being Centre is pleased to be the first center in Hong Kong to offer Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), a revolutionary hair loss control program. This program utilizes clinically proven and patented cool laser technology to stop hair loss and stimulate new growth. It works by stimulating cellular metabolism and protein synthesis while regenerating tissue and increasing blood flow to the scalp. Documented results show a 40-60 percent increase in hair density combined with a remarkable 85 percent success rate in halting the progression of hair loss. Results also show it makes hair thicker and healthier.
The science behind the success of this treatment is called photobiogenesis: FDA-approved low level laser therapy induces dorment hair follicles into the anagen (growing) phase, which generates the growth of more vital, robust hair then scalp follicles can generate on their own.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is painless and safe. In fact, most patients relax and read during their treatments. Laser Hair Therapy can be used as an alternative to surgery or hair systems. It can safely be used with, or as an alternative to the oral, prescription medication Propecia.

49 Year Old Male | 2 Months Results

39 Year Old Male 8 Months Results

Frequently asked questions:
  • Q: What kinds of hair loss does this treatment work for?
    Many types of hair loss in both men and women respond to this treatment. Areas
  • that are still losing hair or thinning will probably respond but areas that have been completely bald for many years will probably not.
  • Q: I' ve had hair transplants or am using something for my hair loss. Can I still be treated?
    This program does not interfere with any other treatments, it can only help further.
  • Q: How long is the treatment program and how often do I need to come in?
    It is a 6 month treatment program, followed by annual maintenance. Treatments
  • last 20 minutes.
    Phase 1: 1 to 2 Treatments per week for first 3 months
    Phase 2: 1 Treatment every other week for next 3 months
    Annual Maintenance: 1 Treatment per month
  • Q: Is there anything else I should do to get the best results?
    Yes, we recommend you use several specially designed products which help protect your hair and enhance the results of your treatment.
  • Q: What is the cost of the treatment?
    $30,000 for the 6 months Treatment Program, and $15,000 per year for Annual
  • Maintenance Program.
  • Q: Is there a guarantee?
    Yes, we offer a Money Back Guarantee. This will be discussed during your consultation.