William Chan -The Anti-Aging Expert
The creator and director of 4D Well-being Centre, a renowned medi-skin clinic in Hong Kong.
William's multi-dimensional strategy for achieving healthy skin has made his one of the most trusted names in skincare today. He is personally responsible for the glowing complexions of some of the most photographed celebrities and experts all depend on William for healthy skin and ageless beauty.

By partnering with doctors and therapists and promoting the integration of skincare and medicine, William Chan pioneered the field of paramedical esthetics and helped lay the foundation for the medi-spa industry.

For over 9 years, 4D's dedication to research and development has kept 4D at its forefront of skin wellness, and its intuitive approach has set 4D apart. Committed to innovation and introducing products, services and concepts that work, 4D Well-Being Centre makes radiant skin a reality for all individuals.
Amidst his peers, William is widely respected as an industry leader and is known for developing the 3D - Non-invasive Face Lift, a universal strategy outlining the principal elements for achieving overall skin wellness. William's simple and straightforward program is a result of his daily experiences and intimate partnership with his clientele, many of whom have careers that depend on near perfect complexions.

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