SHE Skin Heath Expert has been in business since 1990, as a high-quality cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, and personal care products. 

Based in South California, with satellite offices in Asia, SHE markets and distributes its products both in the US and globally, including most of East Asia.

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To maintain and improve skin health, an effective anti-aging skincare product must contain three fundamental elements – REPAIR, RENEW and REFRAIN. At SHE Skin Health Expert, our product concept is based on these principles. Our line of advanced anti-aging skincare products is designed to refrain from future damage, renew healthy skin, and repair previous damage. At SHE Skin Health Expert, achieving results means more than restoring youthful, radiant skin -- it means refraining from serious skin conditions.

SHE laboratories developed several product lines for use by dermatologists in the problem skincare and cosmetic laser-surgery fields, using the latest materials and techniques, such as growth factor and "nano" technology.

The SHE product line is the result of highly effective ingredients, selected for their utility, highly stability, and very low irritation. SHE makes a very effective product line for serious anti-aging or post-procedure skin care.

  • REJUVENATING DNA GEL with Growth Factors
  • REVITAL C COMPLEX with Growth Factors
  • RECOVERY COMPLEX with Vitamin K & C
  • Hyaluron+Filler
  • Hyaluron+D Cream
  • RE-CONTOURING GEL Argireline™ & Matrixyl™
  • BRIGHTENING COMPLEX with Alpha- Abrbutin
  • Hyaluron+Gel Plus
  • Hyaluron+N Cream

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