You Want To Know About Anti Aging

Okay, admit that you are like most people ... you’re concerned about growing old. You may not worry about age as a number ... for example you may be proud that you’ve live 60 years ... but most of us are at least somewhat concerned with things like, age spots, wrinkles, sagging or drooping body parts, lack of muscle tone, you get the idea ...

 You Want To Know About Anti Aging

 The cosmetic business is booming! Baby boomers are becoming the largest segment of the population and they are demanding that the beauty industry provide ways to help them feel young.

Wait a minute – did I say ‘beauty industry’? Of course I did, because that is what most people think about when anti aging is discussed. But anti-aging goes much deeper than creams and makeup. It’s a lot more than cosmetic surgery.

If you are truly concerned about anti aging then immediately begin to work toward your goal of not aging so quickly. Consider the fact that we age in many ways. We definitely physically but we also age mentally.

To create your own “Fountain of Youth” you should begin as soon as possible. Of course it’s best if you started moisturizing your skin while in your teens or twenties, but if you didn’t – don’t stress - simply start now.

If you have been (or continue to be) a sun worshiper you should consider using UV protection. We’ve all heard about the damage the sun can do – and I’m not only talking about skin cancers – I’m also referring to wrinkles.

Speaking of wrinkles, did you know that smoking can lead to wrinkles around your mouth? The next time you’re enjoying a cigarette, watch in a mirror as you draw on the cigarette….notice the way your mouth puckers around the cigarette. Each of those small puckers can eventually become permanent wrinkles.

Keeping yourself healthy will help keep you young….good physical and mental health should be key players in any anti-aging plan. Keep stress to a minimum. Get plenty of rest and don’t forget to exercise. Practice using good posture. Try to always have a positive outlook and avoid negativity whenever possible.

To conclude – if anti-aging is your goal then start today – living a simple and wholesome lifestyle is the true ‘Fountain of Youth’!

The aging process begins as we begin life.


We start living and we start dying in the same instant. Much research has been done in a quest for ways to stop the aging process.

There are various theories as to why we age ... some are listed below:


Slowed production of the human growth hormone

Cells die at a rate faster than the generation of new ones

Unstable oxygen molecules, called free radicals, are responsible for aging


Regardless of the cause we all agree that aging is a part of life.


But we can look around at the people we know and determine that not everyone ages at the same speed. I personally know some people in their sixties that look and act younger than some of my forty(ish) friends.

Let me describe what one of those remarkable men (sixty something) said when I asked him what his secret is to “aging gracefully” (his words!). My friend, Jim Henson exercises 4 days a week. He has been doing this since he was about 40 years old.

Quick Fact: Exercise builds strength, endurance, and stamina. It helps to control the loss of muscle and bone density.

Jim makes an effort to avoid the sun. He says that he always applies a protective cream before long-term exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

Quick Fact: Sun rays can be very damaging…not only can more wrinkles earlier be a result, but skin cancers are also a concern.

Jim has always tried to maintain a healthy weight.

Quick Fact: It’s not secret that being overweight puts more burdens on your body – including your heart. By eating a healthy diet, limiting fat and calorie intake and consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables one is more likely to maintain a healthy weight.

Jim drinks lots of water. He said that initially he had to force himself to drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day but now he drinks that and more without any problems. In fact, water is his preferred drink.

Quick Fact: Well hydrated skin not only looks healthier it is healthier!

Jim says that he tends to avoid negativity whenever possible.

Quick Fact: Being happy and unstressed results in better emotional health. Emotional health is directly related to our physical health.

It seems Jim has found some secrets to slowing down the aging process so my suggestion is to learn from him. If you’re over-weight, start now, eat healthily. If you live an inactive lifestyle start exercising. Use a sunscreen when you’re out in the sunlight and drink plenty of water. But perhaps most importantly, minimize the stress in your life – strive for sound emotional health.

Free Radicals

Anti-Aging And Free Radicals

Free radicals are reactive molecules that can combine with and damage various structures in the body. The core of our being, our DNA is particularly susceptible to oxidative changes.

To a food chemist, anti-oxidants are chemicals used to slow down the food spoilage process. To a Health Care Professional anti-oxidants are also anti-spoilage agents, these are vitamins and minerals that protect against damaging effects of highly reactive molecules ... free radicals.

Anti-oxidants fight free radicals.

An individual cannot totally avoid the aging process ... after all, it’s just the way things are, we all age, but we do have some control over the degree to which we age. To begin it is suggested that nutritional supplements be taken daily. Vitamins E, C and Beta Carotene) a form of Vitamin A) are essential as they help to promote anti-aging.

Keeping your weight under control by eating a well-balanced diet will assist you with your endeavor to slow down the aging process. Include foods such as: cereals, fruit, fish and lean meats. Take a high-potency vitamin with a well balanced anti-oxidant complex daily.

Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke, environmental pollutants and the ultra violet rays of the sun whenever possible. These elements result in an increase in the production of oxygen molecules ... free radicals.

Although the technology is not available yet to tell us how to stop the aging process, we do know ways to effectively slow the process down. It seems to start with a healthy diet. Begin there and add other useful strategies as time goes by. Don’t get old before your time!

Mind Power

Anti-Aging: Power of The Mind

It’s easy to forget about the strong relationship between your mind and your body, but research has shown that what you think has a lot to do with how you feel. Did you know that persons with a positive attitude can have an increased lifespan of up to eight years? That fact has been proven by extensive studies.

People that have a positive attitude are happier, better adjusted, generally lead more fulfilling lives and make better choices. Do you see a theme running here? A positive attitude is a key to many positive things that we all strive for.

But having a positive attitude doesn’t just happen. It may involve some initial work on your part to develop a positive attitude. A big tip is to try to avoid negative people. This is not psycho-babble ... negative attitudes rub off on others. We all give off an energy and depending on our attitudes and emotions that energy can be positive (pleasant) or negative (disagreeable).

If you have a negative attitude you are more likely to carry long-term worries and have a shorter life. We all experience hardships of some type throughout the lifespan – many are simply unavoidable. A key to less stress is learning to “let things float by” when you have no control over the outcome anyway.

Strive to add fun and laughter into your days – everyday! Did you know that being happy leads to a better functioning immune system? One bodily response to laughter is the release of pain relieving and muscle relaxers (endorphins) which decrease the stress hormones.

Meditation can help you on your journey to controlling your mind in order to be a more positive person. Meditation rejuvenates the mind and body and that rejuvenation results in increased energy levels, better sleep and a more positive outlook.

Vitamins & Minerals

Anti-Aging Vitamins & Minerals

If you want to live longer you need to take care of yourself. That’s an obvious statement, but exactly what is involved in “taking care of yourself”?

To begin it is important that you eat right. A proper diet ensures that your body is receiving all it needs ... or does it? In today’s modern world it is often necessary to ‘eat-on-the-go’, often grabbing fast or convenience foods.

We find that some believe eating a proper diet simply means eating at regular intervals or consuming the appropriate number of calories.

The dangers associated with an improper diet are many. Not only will the body receive inadequate nutrition but it can also lead to cellular destruction. The problems can escalate to an increased risk for diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. An improper diet results in an increased production of free radicals, which are the major culprits of aging.

The dangers associated with an improper diet are many. Not only will the body receive inadequate nutrition but it can also lead to cellular destruction. The problems can escalate to an increased risk for diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. An improper diet results in an increased production of free radicals, which are the major culprits of aging.

While eating regularly and watching the calorie intake is important we also should be concerned with the exact vitamins and minerals we are getting. Few of us have time to read each and every label much less measure every portion of food that we consume.

Daily vitamins and supplements can ensure that one gets the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. Daily vitamin intake should include the following essentials: Vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene, B12, B6, A and Carnosine. These elements will provide nutritional protection against free radicals and also help to eliminate toxins.

For additional protection visit your local nutrition center and purchase supplements. Look for ones that contain fish oil, primrose, and flaxseed oil. These agents have been found to be very effective in aiding with the anti-aging fight.


Anti-Aging And Exercise

Although everyone knows that exercise is beneficial we may not understand the relationship exercising has to the aging process, since we’re talking about anti-aging we should explain the relevance.

First of all, don’t panic, it is not necessary to become an exercise fanatic in order to benefit from it. Actually, it is even better if you do not exercise to an extreme.

The important thing about your exercise routine is ensuring that it addresses 10 main areas of your health.

 Metabolism: The metabolic rate is the rate that your body burns calories or energy. As we age this rate generally slows done. There are simple ways to speed it up though. The simplest is exercise ... even walking is great for speeding up one’s metabolism.

Muscle Mass: Another loss we face with aging is a decline in muscle mass. As we age we find we have to work a little harder to build and maintain our muscles tone. Besides working out another way to aid in this is to increase protein intake – eat things like peanuts, lentils and meat. These foods increase the body’s production of growth hormones which will result in more muscle mass.

Bone Density: At about the age of 35 bones begin to lose some density. Weight bearing exercises can help reduce this process. Try things like stair-stepping, mountain hiking, and weight training.

Growth Factor: Let me start by saying that short and intense exercise regimes are best. Imagine that you have not exercised for a long time and you decide to go on a mountain hike. By the time you reach your destination you are tire and your legs ache. Your body responds by releasing growth hormones to build more muscle. Your heart beats harder and faster thus distributing the hormones.

Lung Volume: When you breathe it is good to fully expand your lungs – fill them completely. This increases the lung’s ability to absorb oxygen and leads to increased blood circulation. Always remember to breathe as you exercise!

Fat Gain: Although fat may be a primary reason that we begin exercising it is important that we keep in mind what we want to get out of the routine in the end. Keeping muscle mass intact should always be a goal, therefore prolonged cardiovascular exercise is not recommended. This will burn fat and increase the metabolism rate but it can also burn away muscle.

Strength: To increase your strength exercise regimes that are short in duration are suggested.

Flexibility: The best way to maintain flexibility is by stretching. Exercises such as Yoga are great ways to stretch and develop your flexibility.

Heart Fitness: We all know how important a healthy heart is to one’s overall health. Exercises that can strengthen a heart include cycling, swimming, and stair-stepping.

Neuromuscular Coordination: Exercises such as Martial Arts and Yoga tend to improve the functionality of the brain. The exercises require strict coordination of movements and therefore the mind is engaged.

It is easy to see the numerous advantages of exercising. Not only will you stay fit and trim but you’ll feel younger too! Start a healthy exercise regimen today!